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07 - 11 September 2021.

Event begins in: 41 days

Event begins in:
41 days

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Visitor tickets can be obtained online or at the exhibition venue.
The ticket price:

• online with the PROMO CODE — FREE OF CHARGE
• online without PROMO CODE — 300 Russian Rubles
• at the exhibition — 500 Russian Rubles

If you attended the exhibition previously for business reasons, your PROMO CODE will be sent with the invitation letter to your email address used for the previous registration.

If you have not visited the exhibition before, you can find the PROMO CODE in all advertising layouts of the exhibition in the specialized press, in Comtrans emails, on the official page in FB, on partner websites on the Internet, as well as get from any from the exhibitors.

PROMO CODES are valid only when used online.

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